Clover 6 reading a newspaper
Clover 6 reading a map
Clover 6 being used to read a book
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Clover 6 reading a newspaper
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Clover 6 reading a map
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Clover 6 being used to read a book

Clover 6 HD pocket sized magnifier

Quantum RLV
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The latest device for anyone wanting to view items over a variety of distances!

Whether you want to read a magazine or see the menu board at your favourite café, Clover 6 is truly a versatile magnifier, boasting two separate cameras. One camera is designed for reading and all close viewing tasks, whereas the other is optimised for tasks within a few metres of you, giving you the ability to view anything in your immediate environment in clear, sharp, magnified images.

Superior Image Quality

Dual 13M cameras for superior image quality. When standing on the table, 1.5x - 35x times seamless magnification. 

2-in-1 Stand and Handle

The handle is suitable for left and right-handed users. Transform the handle into a stand for comfortable desktop reading. 

Tactile Screen and Buttons

All operations are supported by the high contrast tactile buttons or using on-screen gestures. 

Voice Label

When saving an image, you can record your own voice to help take notes of the picture captured. When you recall the image, the chosen picture with a voice label, will speak aloud what you recorded.


  • Operate with tactile buttons or touch screen
  • Viewable screen size 5.5inches
  • Dual 13MP cameras:
  • One for sharp distance viewing
  • One for reading
  • Built-in Stand and Handle (for left and right-handed use)
  • Save and recall images
  • Simplified colour mode
    • True colour
    • Black print on white background
    • White print on black background
  • Rechargeable battery with approx. 3 hours continuous use
  • Weighs only 265grams
  • Dimensions of 160 x 91 x 21mm