ERGO-Lux i mobil - Charging pad

ERGO-Lux i mobil - Charging pad

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One charging pad suitable for powering up different devices.

Did you know that the ERGO-Lux i mobil magnifier can be left on the charging station when not in use without any risk of overcharging? The charging pad can also be left connected all the time. The magnifier should not be left uncharged for a long period of time. If the magnifier will not be used for some time, it is best to store it charged.

  • No more changing of batteries
  • At home: Plug in the charging pad once and for all – that’s it!
  • The magnifier has its fixed place and is always ready for use – it couldn’t be easier!
  • On the go: Charging pad with USB port Multiple power sources can be used (car, laptop etc.)
  • One for all, all for one... One charging pad suitable for powering up different devices

Goodbye battery anxiety. Benefit from this innovative technology that eliminates the hassle of changing batteries and inserting a charging cable into the magnifier.


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